Drama As Families Fight Over Burial Space For Anambra Man’s 2 Wives And Throw Corpse On The Floor (Photos) - 4 years ago

A man in Anambra state caused pandemonium at a burial ceremony after he stormed the event to let out his anger on the corpse by throwing it off its platform. The pandemonium which was witnessed in Nnewi South L.G.A, Anambra State, on June 23rd was reported to have started over several issues between the man known as “Who Know Man” and the deceased. According to report, “Who Know Man” married two wives but had issues with the first wife who died 3 years ago, the unresolved issues he had with his dead wife however prompted him to storm her burial ceremony after he had refused to bury her and abandoned her body in the mortuary. CFRMagazine reported that the deceased’s body had been in the mortuary for 3 years when “Who Know Man’s” second wife died leading him to agree to bury the second wife while the first wife’s body remained in the mortuary. Villagers and community leaders were however reported to have stood against his move to bury the second wife while the first remained in the mortuary adding that according to Igbo tradition and custom, he was supposed to bury the first wife first. “Who Know Man” was however reported to have ignored all warnings and proceeded to schedule the burial ceremony for 23rd June 2017. The relatives of the first wife however stormed the event and led to a Nollywood movie-esqe scene as the elder brother of the first wife took “Who Know Man” unawares by going to the mortuary, claiming the body of his sister and then appearing at the burial ceremony as earlier as 8:00am to lay their late sister to rest. The relatives of the first wife proceeded to bury their dead in the space meant for the second wife which led to a free-for-all fight between the husband, relatives of the first and second wives. In the fracas, one of the coffins was thrown to the floor and the content spilled forth.

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