Please Help!!! ‘How A politician Impregnated Me, Abandoned Me With His Child’ - 4 years ago

My name is Amina, a 28-year-old single mother. I have a bitter story to tell and I also want to serve this as a warning to our politicians who think they are demi-gods and can mess the lives of young women and go free. I know many of your readers will tell me to shut up and lick my wounds while others will say I am the architect of my own problems due to greed but I can tell you that not all ladies who go out with the politicians are greedy or after their money. I met Alhaji at the age of 20 when I was in my second year in the university. He was still a struggling young man trying to find his feet in politics. He was a Personal Assistant to a top politician in out state and I fell in love madly with him. He was one of my roommate’s cousin and we met when he came to visit her. Within a short time, my life revolved around him as I saw in him the man of my dreams and the father of my children. My friend often teased me, calling me her sister-in-law and I would smile shyly, hoping and praying that the wish could come true. Alhaji too showed me he loved me so much and showered me with so much affection and gifts that I became the envy of my friends and other colleagues. He was my first real love and before I knew it, he had introduced me to the world of sex. Sleeping with him was one thing that I always longed for as he had a way of making me want him more and more. When the elections came around, he contested for a position in the state house of assembly and won with a landslide. My joy knew no bounds as I saw myself as the future wife of a top politician because he often dreamed of making it big in the career. It was only when I became pregnant for him and told him that everything changed. I remember vividly how his countenance changed when I gave him the news. I had expected that he would be very happy and come to meet my parents but when I told him, he became very angry and that was hen he told me he was married with three children and did not want to have a child out of wedlock. I was shocked because he had never told me he was a married man. He confessed that he had been married for over seven years and did not want anything that would spoil his image and destroy his political career. I was more petrified when he said I should go for an abortion, something I vehemently refused since a friend had lost her life while trying to terminate her baby and I told him I would never get an abortion. He tried every means to convince me and even threatened me if I kept the baby but I stood my grounds and insisted on having his child. That was when my once loving Alhaji became something else and started to avoid me. Anytime I called him, he would either refuse to pick the calls or when he picked, he would tell me he was very busy and would call me back, which he did not. When the pregnancy became very obvious, I had to leave school and go back home only to face my parent’s wrath. My father was so mad that he sent me out of the house. I had no option but to go and stay with an aunt till I gave birth. Since I had my child six years ago, Alhaji who has become a top politician and is a member of the House of Representatives has not cared to take up his responsibility. The last time I reached out to him, he threatened to get me arrested for defamation of character. I have slaved so much to take care of a child whose father is very rich and makes laws for Nigerians but he has not deemed it fit to take care of the child. I am sending this as a warning to him as I will have not option but to expose him for what he is. Amina.” Dear readers, this is another case of betrayal and treachery and on Morning Teaser today, what do you think Amina should do? What should Amina do to get Alhaji to take up his responsibility» A. Amina should expose the politician for who he is B. Amina should petition the House of Representatives to call the man to order C. Amina should do everything to disgrace Alhaji D. Amina should see this as a lesson

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