Checkout The 5 Categories Of Women You Will Definitely Find At Any Okirika Spot - 4 years ago

In this funny but interesting piece, Onyinye Ndupu Nun has revealed some of the type of women you can see at Okirika spots in Nigeria. The 5 categories of women you’d definitely find at any ladies Okirika spot. 1) The Low Esteemed Aunties. These ones will not go home with any cloth unless you fine mouth that cloth for an hour. Even if they look like milipids in a suit in that clothe, once you say, “ahh this cloth too fit you”, they are going home with it. No second guessing. 2) The snatchers. These set of people will keep moping until you bring out the nicest clothes from underneath the barrow or bag, and just when you drop it to stretch for 2seconds, fiam! They grab it, nothing you say will make them leave it. Unless you are in the mood to fight, you’d just have to drop it. 3) The “Never rich enough” people. These set are just, simply put; annoying. They’ll see you picking clothes, which makes it obvious that you are a buyer like them, but they’d go ahead and ask, “Sis na how much she/him dey sell? ” When they are done wasting time, they’d ask the seller how much the clothes they picked is worth. Once they are told the price, no matter how cheap it is, they’d find a reason to just drop it and leave. Always screaming, “Ahh no be the price wey I expect. 4) The bats. These ones are bats because I have a feeling that they don’t see in the afternoon. You are on the same barrow with them, going through the same sack of clothes, but they’ll keep exclaiming, “Hey Sis na only you dey see fine clothes here o. I no dey see anything. How you dey take see them?” 5) The Hoarders. These ones want every clothe in the sack, even when they have only 500naira to spare. They’d hoard all the clothes and dare you to touch them. Just when you are tired and decide to leave, you’ll see them trailing you almost immediately. To your greatest shock you’ll find out they only took one top out of the 15tops, 5jeans, and 6 gowns they held so tightly before. If all your clothes are pre ordered from the designers, then you might want to skip this post. You won’t understand what we are talking about. The rest, gather around. I know Boutique shoppers will be like, “Excuse you?” But una follow nah. The difference is, your is selected, washed, ironed and sprayed with perfect line perfume.

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