GUYS ONLY! Here Are The 5 Types Of Ladies Some Guys Are Scared To Date. - 4 years ago

To the guys out there, here is a list that will direct you on the type of ladies you should be scared of. 1) RELIGIOUS LADIES: These ones are always seen as no go area as long as the guy is not religious, guys are not always around these ones because of their strict believe on NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE. They are not easily bent, they are always seen in churches with their scarf and bible, though there are really bad eggs amongst them but the extremists succeeds. 2)GENDER EQUALITY: These type of ladies are said to have known what the society is all about and have tried to mend things for the benefit of all. They are hated for this by guys. They crave for the betterment of ladies, they are always up and doing, these ladies tend to challenge the male folks as long as they know what they want and can offer. They are the strict ones you can’t toy with, they know and believe in their fundamental human right and they are hardly intimidated 3)INDEPENDENT LADIES: They believe that life doesn’t start and and with men. They are always after their goals and have an articulated plans for their life. They are very strong and stand for what they believe. They are seen to be rich and don’t give a damn about any guy’s money or whatever he has to offer and have been feared because of their independent nature. 4)LADIES WITH HIGH INTELLECTUAL PROWESS: These ones are the intimidating type .some guys tend to abscond from these type of ladies because of their high intellectual prowess. They are very smart and can predict your next movement and actions, because of these quality they possess, guys find it very difficult to cheat on them. 5)CLASSY LADIES: These ones are always seen around very classy folks. They are scarcely seen around guys,they prefer their female company and sometimes are tagged lesbians or runs girls because of misconceptions. They are feared too..

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