[A MUST READ] Here Are The Top Most Dangerous Drinks Consumed In Lagos, You Won’t Believe No1 - 4 years ago

Do you know there are dangerous drinks that exist in Lagos, Nigeria that you might be aware of and yet still take. Although it is compulsory that drinking water to satisfy thirst is part of human habit especially after a meal is consumed or eating. Some drink alcohol while others take beverages or wine. No matter what kind of drink is taken into the body, we must be careful to know whether such is dangerous to the health. A recent research showed that drinks that are dangerous to health are consumed by Nigerians but mostly Lagosians. Below is a list of 5 most dangerous drinks consumed in Lagos, Nigeria that are harmful to the health 1. Pure Water You might be wondering why the most popular packaged water in Nigeria is topping the list. This is simply because it doesn’t meets all the hygienic standards for water to be considered pure. It is known to all that pure water or the Lagos sachet water sells for N10 and is the fastest selling product in Nigeria especially in Lagos and generates millions of Naira if not billions in the whole country. What makes pure water dangerous to the health is not even the packaging per say but the places where they have been packaged. Believe you me, if you visit factories where these sachet water are packaged, you will decide never to drink such again. No wonder analyst suggest that those who drink such have greater chances to contact typhoid. Most reported cases of typhoid in Nigeria are as a result of people drinking unclean water. The government should step up its efforts to providing clean and accessible water to its citizens while checking the excesses of these factories that produce pure water in Nigeria. 2. Opa-Eyin This is popular among Lagosians. It is made by mixing locally made gin with an unknown kind of herbs and roots. The myth among people is that it is rumored to cure diseases of different kinds. And since it has been used since time memorial, people has fallen for this dangerous drink consumed by Lagosians in Nigeria because of the unproven medicinal importance attached to it. One may need to known that no one can tell the source of the type of local gin, and science has not yet ascertained the kind or type of roots and herbs used to prepare “opa-eyin”. Infact, medical research has proven time and time again that herbs work but when not administered at the right doze can be detrimental to those who take it. 3. Codeine It is no surprise that codeine falls third in this list of 5 most dangerous drinks consumed in Lagos. This type of drink is popular among the youths in Lagos and it is contained in cough syrup sold in local drug stores. It comes as no surprise on why cough syrup prices on the shelves of these pharmaceutical stores has increased, well it might be connected to the high intake of codeine by the youths around. The chemical codeine is known to cause one to sleep especially when one suffers from insomnia. 4. Monkey-Tail This is one of the most deadly drinks to take because monkey-tail is a blend of the locally made gin and Indian hemp or cannabis also known as igbo. It is shocking to see many people wasting their lives on taking this kind of drink which according to medical experts can make one get high and causes mental problems. It also destroys the internal organs of the body. 5. Scooshes Finally on our list of 5 most dangerous drinks consumed in Lagos, Nigeria that are harmful to the health is skooshes. This drink is made from Zobo but mixed with dangerous substances like local rum, cannabis, and codeine. Funny enough, this drink is still served at popular bars in eye catching packages at drink spot and posh bars across Lagos metropolis and also in top cities around Nigeria. With the above listed mixture, I need not write much how dangerously deadly if I may use the word on how such a concoction can be and the hazard it causes to the health. Conclusion Although, the Federal Government in its effort to curb the production of these dangerous drinks in Lagos has established an agencies to oversee the stop of the production of these deadly drinks like NDLEA, NAFDAC, etc. The trend has not reduced a bit especially now that the economy is not stable. We put out this information on dangerous drinks consumed in Lagos and in Nigeria as whole to notify people on the health implications of these drinks so as to avoid them and report any one found producing them to the appropriate authorities if caught.

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