Have You Ever Been Caught Or Caught Your Partner Cheating? …What Was Your Reaction? - 4 years ago

I’m sure you guys would agree with me that most relationships these days are built on lies and falsehood because people cheat. Nowadays, people claim to be in love with their respective partners and succumb to any advances from the opposite sex when the chance arises. I however know one or two of you must have been in that situation where by you won’t know what next to do after been caught in the act. As for me, i have never been caught cheating…. I caught my girlfriend when she said she couldn’t come over to my place because she was in severe pains. Me being a thoughtful boyfriend I decided to pay her a surprise visit, lo and behold her pains were caused because she was being plunged by another guy. Hmm! what a life! So dear Naijaloadites, share your experiences, be honest, how did you react when you caught your partner cheating, or you were caught in the act. LET THE CONFESSIONS BEGIN!!!

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