Chibok Girls Who Jumped Out Of Boko Haram Moving Truck Are Now Students In US (Pics) - 4 years ago

Recall, Mercy and Patience, who were among the lucky few that jumped out of the moving truck carrying over 200 schoolgirls, who were kidnapped by Boko Haram terrorists on April 14th, 2014, Well Both started school this year at Bronx Community College in the U.S under a project called Education Must Continue Initiative. As shared by Journalist and media skilled practitioner, Jackson Ude, who met them on Saturday he wrote; 'Mercy and Patience escaped from the Boko Haram Truck carrying over 200 Chibokgirls. They are students of Bronx Comm College. Met them today!.. They girls were excited when I told them more have been freed' 'Meeting the two Chibokgirls today in the Bronx changed my view about the abduction. U need to listen to Mercy and Patience to understand.'

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