Abomination! Angry Youths & Kinsmen Beat Man To Death In Imo…The Reason Will Shock You (Photos) - 4 years ago

A man has been gruesomely sent to his early grave by his own kinsmen and some angry youths in Umuifa village, Omamma town of Imo state in yet another bizarre and shocking incident. Here’s how an Instagram user identified simply as onobhen, took to the social networking platform to share some photos, reported the sory. **************************************** Igbo’s! Igbo’s! Igbo’s nawa Because of ordinary land. State: Imo state Town: Awo Omamma Community: Ubachima Village: Umuifa And he was beaten to death by the youth and king’s men of his own village because his offsprings were putting fence in his compound, this can only be caused through hatred. Retired assistant commissioner of police and retired major in the army let the villagers to the murder because of their power and position in the government. The people of Umuifa in IMO state are murder’s, God will judge you all Amen To all those oppressor using their nasty powers to intimate fellow humans, remember when death calls your corps won’t be buried with the powers. Friendship kindly help your gal spread this news by tagging a friend to this post I need this information to exceed Nigeria. Thanks and God bless!

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