"Doctors Said I'd Never Have Children -Now I've Had Ten Naturally" -- Woman Reveals. Photos - 4 years ago

A woman Louise Andrew who was told by doctors that she would never have children -beat the odds as she conceived her ten children naturally. The bad news came as a devastating blow when she was 17 and diagnosed with severe ovarian cysts. She had suffered the symptoms for months before she was told natural ­conception was almost ­impossible. But Louise, now 34, went on to defy the odds – big time. She has had an amazing TEN miracle babies completely naturally. And she hasn’t even ruled out ­expanding her brood, who range from 17 to newborn. The supermum, who gave birth to her youngest five weeks ago, told the Sunday People : “When you have been told you won’t have children naturally and then you are lucky enough to go on to have one, you can’t help but want more. “Each time, I say it’s the last but then I love being a mum so much and am still so happy that I have been able to do this, I carry on. “I don’t regret a single one of them and I would be just as happy if another of them came along now. “I love being a mum. I was born to do it and I feel so grateful.” Louise, who is currently on maternity leave from her own cleaning company spent her early years dreaming of building her own perfect family.

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