How Terrorists Get Army Uniforms And Weapons – Nigerian Army Boss Reveals - 4 years ago

Nigerian Chief of Army staff, Lt.Gen Buratai has denied allegations by Amnesty International (AI) that the army abuse human rights of terrorists suspects and agitators. Buratai in an interview with Voxafrica TV accused terrorists of stealing army’s uniforms and weapons to commit atrocities. Buratai said terrorists give wrong information to Amnesty International who in turn stand to fight for the terrorists’ right which they alleged his being trampled on by the Nigerian army. Buratai said: “AI is an international non-governmental organisation that has its own way of research and reporting. But whatever its mandate or interest is, it should be able to look at the host country’s policies. “They have not looked at our policies critically. They just go to the fields and get one or two reports probably; even those reports are questionable. “The same terrorists will give (the) reports and say these things happened. They are the same people who steal our uniforms, boots, and weapons and commit atrocities. “They now turn back and say it is the legitimate sovereign institutions that are committing such things. “What I will say is that there are certain groups of individuals in the AI who are reporting wrongly. “I believe that with the transparency and openness of the present government of President Muhammadu Buhari, anyone that writes any negative thing against the military is being misguided.” The DSS in a statement signed by Tony Opuiyo on Friday, June 23, said in the past few weeks, this Service has uncovered a plot by terrorist elements to stage series of coordinated attacks using explosives on different cities across the country. Their aim was to hit on soft targets such as markets, public parks, public processions, recreation centres, as well as worship centres especially the Eid Praying Grounds and other densely populated areas during the forthcoming Eid-el-Fitr Sallah celebration.

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