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GC Posted On: Apr 28, 2020
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On April 20th, LIB shared a story of a 38-year-old awaiting trial prisoner Sunday Akubor who was found dead at Oko Prison, Edo State on Tuesday evening, April 18th (Read here)

According to Chief Executive Officer of Behind Bars Initiative, Prince Gwannishu Harrison who has been following the case, a businessman and importer named Frederick Abogame has been arrested and has confessed to investigators at the State CID Benin that he gave two inmates the the sum of 20k to only "deal" with late Sunday Akubor and not murder him.

Frederick who is a businessman had supplied some goods to the deceased sometime last year. The deceased, Akubor, failed to pay the money and the police was called into the case. The deceased promised to pay up the money as he was expecting some funds and he was then forced to write a post-dated check to Frederick.

On the day Frederick went to the bank to present the cheque, it bounced as there were no funds in the account. He rushed to the police and Sunday was arrested for giving Frederick a bounced cheque. He was charged to court and then sent to prison where he met his untimely death.

Read Prince's update below...
Early yesterday, business man and importer, Frederick Abogame broke down and confessed to investigators at the State CID Benin that he gave two inmates and convicts the the sum of 20k to only "deal" with late Sunday Akubor and not murder him. Also, preliminary investigations have revealed that there are no prison's officials and police directly involved in the act. He confessed that he contacted one Osaretin Ibili alias Provost marshal, whom he knew before the later was convicted of stealing and sentenced to jail terms , to carry out the sinister instructions. Osaretin Ibili alias Provost marshal allegedly lured Sunday Akubor to a quiet cell when other inmates where out of their cells outside "lockout time". The duo tried to beat and torture the deceased. The deceased resisted and death ensued. We shall not attempt to bother members with the gory details of the plot and the ruthlessness behind its execution.It is a confession that speaks of the dark side of man, cruel, perverted and sadistic. With the completion of investigations, the Edo State police Command has assured JLAA that Frederick Abogame will be arraigned in a court of law together with his co killers pending DPP advise. However for JLAA,with the completion of this investigation, we as a nation must face the truth that the immediate task of prison and the entire criminal justice systems need urgent reforms and overhaul. We shall press forward with our court action for Sunday Akubor and those he left behind. Tuesday, JLAA shall send a delegation to pay a condolence visit to his immediate family and assure them that our thoughts are with them in this difficult moment. Why should the police arrest and detain a man who had immediate expectation of imminent fund as at the time of issuing a dud cheque? Indeed the action of the police violates the law of the land regarding the offence of issuance of a dud cheque. Must a court of adjudication grant bail on harsh, punitive and irredeemable terms and conditions as done by the Magistrate Court Benin in this case? Was that what the law as to the discretionary grant of bail provides? Our criminal justice system is a scam on the poor and the defenseless. It is a system that exposes the treachery of honour, the deceit of justice and the uselessness of integrity. And in this system, hope is unknown. As JLAA continues to expose the moral vacuity and defeatism of our justice system as it relates to the poor, the defenseless, the dispossessed and the abandoned prisoner, the question would always be asked, WHO ACTUALLY KILLED SUNDAY AKUBOR; THE NIGERIAN STATE OR FREDDERICK ABOGAME AND HIS KILLER SQUAD?

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