Read Why South Africa Banned Sale Of Live Hens - 4 years ago

The South African government has banned the sale of live hens throughout the country in a bid to control an outbreak of highly contagious H5N8 bird flu. The country’s department of agriculture on Monday in a statement said that no humans had been affected. The department said; “Exports of processed poultry products, live chickens and fresh produce will continue depending on the requirements of importing countries. “To date, no human cases of infection with avian influenza H5N8 have been reported. “However, people handling wild birds, sick or dying poultry must wear protective clothing and wash their hands with disinfectants,” The government said meat from healthy poultry was safe to eat due to strict inspections at abattoirs, though people were urged to avoid eating any birds found dead, dying or sick. South Africa reported an outbreak this month of H5N8 bird flu on a commercial broiler breeder farm in Mpumalanga province, where about 5,000 birds died and the rest were culled.

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