These Couple Got Married 3 Days After They Met In 1980 [Photo] - 4 years ago

The daughter of a Couple who got married 3 days after they met in 1980 and are now celebrating their 37th wedding anniversary, shared details about how her parents made their marriage work. According to her; “My parents got married 3 days after they met. They just celebrated 37 years. Love knows no timeline. This was in 1980 in a remote African village so yes they were able to get married in 3 days. There was no huge wedding,” she said. Also adding; “My mom is impossibly understanding and tolerant though so please don’t try this at home. I should also add that my dad is not a “typical African man”. He cooks if necessary, cleans up after himself, and listens when u talk.” See her tweets below..

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