I’ve Been Having S*x With My Wife’s Younger Sister… Now She Is Pregnant – Married Man Confesses - 4 years ago

A man who had engaged in s*x sessions with his wife’s younger sister, has opened up on how he has been affected. The man shared his story through a letter he sent to The Sun UK. According to him, he had been having s*x with his wife’s younger sister for sometime now. His wife is always busy and that gives them the space they need. Now the real problem is that his wife’s sister has fallen pregnant and this has gotten him totally torn apart. Below is how he told the story: ************ I hardly get any affection from my wife so I began an affair with her sister. Now the sister says she is pregnant and I’m in a panic. I am 33, my wife is 32. She works four days a week and looks after the house and our six-year-old daughter — she is always busy. I do what I can around the house and helping out with childcare but it is never good enough. Whatever I do, she does again “properly”. Our s*x life has gradually gone downhill. I am not sure she was ever into s*x all that much. Her sister is six years younger and I can only describe her as dynamic. She is full of life and always good fun to be with. She also has a partner but that relationship is “troubled”. One night I was round theirs seeing to a minor plumbing problem. Her partner was out somewhere — the pub, I think. She came into the bathroom to see how I was getting on and slipped her arm round my waist. I turned and smiled at her and, to my surprise, her hand went into the top of my trousers. We cuddled and kissed and she led me into the spare room where we had wonderful sex. She said this would be “our room” from now on. I couldn’t believe my luck. Here I was being offered an affair on a plate without even trying it on. Since then we have continued our affair at every opportunity. Luckily, her bloke is useless at DIY and I am pretty good so it is easy for her to find an excuse to invite me round to their place and she always manages to do it when her partner will be out. Now she says she is pregnant. I love my sister-in-law but how can I desert my wife and child? I feel caught in the middle of the two of them.

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