Double Trouble!! Man United’s Boss Mourinho Taxes To Be Investigated In England Amid Tax Evasion In Spain - 4 years ago

Meg Hillier MP has said Jose Mourinho should face a tax investigation in the UK, after Spanish prosecutors filed a fraud claim against the Manchester United manager last week. Mourinho has already denied the allegations of tax evasion, but a judge in Madrid will decide if the case should go to court. The offence could carry a prison sentence of two to six years and a fine of up to £17.4million. It is alleged that Mourinho defrauded the Spanish tax authorities of £2.9m during his spell in charge of Real Madrid between 2010 and 2013. Meg Hillier MP, who is the recent chairwoman of the public accounts select committee, believes the former Chelsea boss should also be investigated in the UK to see if there is evidence of any wrongdoing here. “Given the clear progress from the Spanish authorities, it’s vital that HMRC is taking the same level of interest,” Hillier told The Sunday Times.

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