Nigerian Man Finds Out He’s Not The Father Of ‘His 2 Sons’ Through DNA Test - 4 years ago

A Nigerian based in UK man who sparked off serious debate online after revealing his intentions of conducting DNA test on his two sons after expressing doubts about his wife’s faithfulness has finally given a report of the deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA test. He wrote to Ben saying: “Ben it is with a painful and heavy heart that I am coming back to your inbox for the third time. I am very sorry for that a simple request you posted for me degenerated into such a viral issue. I have been following up all these while and couldn’t help but wonder how a simple harmless post could be taken so far. I read it on many blogs and even watched it on TVC. I also read that our group Ila Otu was shut down because of the post and your personal Facebook account was shut down too until you sent your identity card to Facebook and your account was verified. I also read that you received some threats from unknown Facebook accounts. I am indeed very sorry that you have to go through all these. But Ben, the sad unfortunate truth now is that I have been training another man’s kids for the past six years. I went to one of the suggested hospitals with just a sample from their body. I didn’t carry the kids to the hospital to avoid suspicion from my wife. Bro, do you know that none of my assumed two kids were actually mine. The DNA report shows that there is no biological link whatsoever between my assumed two kids and myself. God! This is the most trying moment of my life. My wife is not yet aware and she will never know until I figure out how best to handle this. I have to rush back to UK because I may lose it if I continue staying here with her and my assumed kids. I promise myself that I won’t do anything stupid that will put me behind bars, no way. At least I get to know on time, my assumed first son is six while the younger brother is four. Ben, what and how do you think is the best way to handle this ugly situation? I won’t do stupid things. Before I made up my mind to go for this DNA, I have decided to take whatever comes out of it, in fact did I tell you that my instincts never lied to me? So I was emotionally and physically prepared to handle this. Bro, I always trust your judgment, what do you advise?”

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