Why Majority Of Northerners Are Angry With Igbos – Doyin Okupe Reveals - 4 years ago

Former aide to ex-President, Goodluck Jonathan, has given some reasons why the North is angry with the Igbos of the Southeast. Doyin, who claimed to have made his own consultations across the country especially across the North and the Southeast, said it was necessary for clarity. According to him, the North is divided on their opinion on Igbos, adding that while some feel quite apprehensive, others believe the threat of Biafra is unreal. According to him, “majority are angry with the Igbos,” because according to them, “they perceive as the blackmail of the Igbos to readily throw in the secession card every time they feel marginalized within the system.” Part of the message he shared on Facebook, said, “Many are still hurting and unforgiving that Major Nzegwu an Igbo man, killed perhaps one of the greatest Northern stars of all times, Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto. “Hordes of Northerners also feel extremely insulted by the rhetoric that the North is the problems of Nigeria and that the North remains essentially an economic parasite on the Nation’s wealth. “This feeling is pervasive and cuts across all ages and classes in the North.”

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