“I Think Every Single Mother You See Made A Wrong Choice” – Popular Actress Says - 4 years ago

Actress Lola Alao , popular for her role in Yoruba movies, recently had a chat with Vanguard in which she talked about her life as a producer, as a single mother and as an actress. See excerpts below. On taking a break from Nollywood: I have been doing other things because the industry is very poor right now. When I say poor, I mean when you produce a movie, the marketers do not make profit because of piracy. Also, people don’t buy our movies like before; they would rather watch cable TV, so I decided to slow down a little. I produced a movie last year but it is yet to be released, the movie was shot in California, Las Vegas, Paris and Nigeria. On the challenges of being a producer: Piracy is killing this industry. I have also noticed that anybody can decide to become a producer which is wrong. Like I said earlier, I just produced a movie, I didn’t produce it with my money; I took a bank loan which I have to pay back, but with the rate of piracy in the industry that might be a challenge. On single mothers: I think it has to do with making the wrong choice. I will say they haven’t gotten to their final destination that is why they are single mothers. Yes, I think every single mother you see made a wrong choice. On the father of her child: I will keep saying that the father of my daughter is the best. He is kindhearted and he is a very good person. Forget whatever he might have said about me out of annoyance, we have a very good relationship

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