Why do you praise Rihanna’s fashion but slam mine? – Kcee asks his fashion critics - 4 years ago

There is this popular notion that Nigerians love the ways of the people of the outside world more than the ways of their fellow Nigerians. For instance, popular Nigerian rapper, Mode9, once got emotional and expressed his frustration after his music album wasn’t patronized by Nigerians upon its release while same Nigerians were at that time buying and playing foreign rap songs from stars like Eminem, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, etc. This has been a big problem over time. Now, popular Nigerian singer, Kcee, has also expressed same frustration after Nigerians slammed him for his reasonably appropriate dress sense while praising Rihana’s apparent awful dress sense. The singer took to social media to post a picture of himself and Rihana, putting their dressing to display and asking critics which is worse. In the photos, Kcee wore a black suit and blue sneakers which fans saw as an awful combination. Rihana, on the order hand, was dressed in total rags! But fans seemed to love, appreciate and praised Rihana’s rascally dressing. That got Kcee thinking out loud, leading to him posting the photos online and asking why Nigerians slam him for his dress sense and praise Rihana’s awful dress sense. Nigerians Why?

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