Revealed: APC Chieftain Reveals What Will Happen To Igbos If Biafra Becomes A Reality - 4 years ago

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has said that the Igbos will be worst hit should Nigeria break up. The party’s national treasurer George Moghalu while speaking at the Anambra Consensus Forum in Akwa on Monday, July 3, advised the Igbo people to drop the call for secession of the South-East and South-South region. Moghalu also urged the Igbos to embrace the growing call for the restructuring of Nigeria. He said the Igbos would loose out completely if eventual the secession of Biafra becomes a reality. Noting that about 50% of property in Abuja and Lagos state are owned by Igbo people, Moghalu said it will be difficult to accommodate the secessionists in the few states that make up the Igbo community. He added that the fate of the Igbos have been worsened by the recent resolve by some of the Niger Delta states to withdraw from the Biafra project. He further noted that some of the people clamouring for the freedom of Biafra are the same people interested in Igbo Presidency in 2023. “You can’t be talking about Igbo presidency in 2023 and at the same time talking about Biafran secession,” Moghalu said. Kanu also said never declared there would not be elections in Anambra state and that the media was being used by the federal government against him and his agitation for Biafra.

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