Ghana Launches Its First Ever Satellite Into Space - 4 years ago

The satellite, named Ghanasat-1, was launched into space by a group of students of the All Nations University with the help of the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. This historic development, although was not televised live on national television was watched live at JAXA Tsukuba Space Centre. This spectacular launch is expected to be fully operational on July 11, 2017. Associate research scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre (GSFC), Dr Richard Damoah has commended the students for taking up this initiative. In an address to the media, the research scientist charged government to invest into satellite technology so as to shore up investments into the country. Members of the Council include the President as Chairman, the Vice President, Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Attorney General/Minister of Justice, Minister of Science & Technology, Minister of Communication Technology, Minister of Defence, Minister of National Planning, Minister of Education, Minister of Interior, National Security Adviser, Director General, NASRDA and Secretary to Council, Prof. V.O.S Olunloyo, Prof. Francisca Okeke and Prof. E.D. Mishelia.

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