Locally Made Guns Recovered From Slain Armed Robbers Baffles Security Operative (Photo) - 4 years ago

A Nigerian security operative identified as Usman Chindo has revealed the “specially-made” guns that were recovered from armed robbers killed along Kano – Zaria expressway. According to him, one of the guns – a revolver which is meant to carry 6-8 bullets (maximum) – was locally constructed to load 15 bullets which is quite alarming. I was at the State CID Kano today when officials of Federal SARS brought two corpse of armed robbers killed along Kano – Zaria expressway. The Rifle by the left looks like a locally made AK-47, but these guys fabricated it to use 9mm instead of the conventional 7.62mm. The Revolver Pistol by the right is using 7.62mm instead of the conventional 9mm all revolvers are supposed to use, and one ingenuity about the fabricator of this weapon is that, the maximum a revolver can carry is 6-8 ammo. This locally fabricated Revolver is a 15 loader!!! Can you beat this 15 Loader!!!!!!

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