Spoons, Nails, Keys Found In Ram's Belly In Kano Abattoir - 4 years ago

Hours ago, a facebook user Alh Ibrahim Mai Kwankwasiyya shared this story on his facebook page, he wrote: "Today i saw the most terryfing and mind boggling thing in my life, what you're seeing in front of me are: 1 - Two spoons 2 - Ten umbrella head nails 3 - Two medium sized radio batteries 4 - One traditional barber's blade 5 - Fourteen car bolts 6 - Five pair of keys 7 - An average nail sized iron rod 8 - One marker pen All of the above were found inside the belly of a ram that was butchered where i work. It might be the work of diabolic people that are after someone. May God protect us Amin."

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