[A Must See] The 6 Things Every Woman Looks For In Her Future Husband - 4 years ago

Now not every girl creates a check list of the things she wants and does not want in her future husband. But there are girls who have a list like this and it really does matter a lot to them. And why not? Marriage is such a big decision. How can you just marry somebody without knowing if they have the qualities you are looking for? Instead of suffering a lifetime, it is better that you wait until you find a man with these qualities. Earlier, we told you about the qualities a man looks for in his future wife. This time we will tell you what a woman looks for. So these are the 6 top things that every woman looks for in her future husband. 1. A good listener It is a known fact that most women love talking. So it is only obvious that they want somebody who can hear out their daily talks. It doesn’t matter what a woman talks about, she needs a man who can be a good listener without judging her or telling her that she is saying something that is not important. She needs a husband who will listen to how her day went, what conversations she had with her friends, what her mom told her and so on. It doesn’t matter how stupid you think it is, be a good guy by just hearing her out. 2. Funny Women love to be around men who can make them laugh. A good sense of humor always works because after a long, hardworking day, a man who can change your frown into a smile is magical. 3. Someone who makes his woman feel secured and safe Another important trait that every woman wants in her future husband is for him to be able to give a feeling of security and safety. If there is ever a bad situation, a woman wants a man who can handle it and make sure she is fine – a man who can make her feel safe even in a crowd, somebody who no matter what will stand up for her and her dignity. Every woman wants a husband like that. 4. Supportive Women want a man who can be highly supportive of them and their dreams. Somebody who can cheer for them the loudest when they need it the most and somebody who trusts their life plans more than anybody else. 5. A promise-keeper Men do make a lot promises at the start of a relationship and they also end up breaking them all at the end of it. Women hate it when men don’t keep their word and promises. And thus most women prefer being with a man who can and are capable of keeping their promises. This can be understood only after spending a considerable amount of time with a man. But this certainly is one quality that most women look for in their future husband. Breaking promises is a big turn off. 6. Honest and loyal This is one of the most common qualities that everybody wants in their future partner. A man who does not lie or cheat is one thing that women look for in their future husband. A woman expects the guy to be pretty honest about his past because getting to find it after marriage is something that women hate the most.

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