I Didn't Go To Rehab For Drugs, I Went Out Of Frustration But Nigerian Media Over-flogged It' - Maje Fashek - 4 years ago

Recently rehabilitated music veteran, Majek Fashek has blamed the Nigerian media for publicising his rehabilitation and down times. In an exclusive interview with LIB, Majek said, 'the truth is I never used cocaine because it's very expensive. but when I came back to Nigeria, the media really helped me but the made a mistake by narrating my whole story to the public. Everything shouldn't have been in the press'. He continued to say, 'In Los Angeles, all those movie stars you see go to rehab everyday but it's not always in the news, so nobody should have known I went to rehab so the press made a mistake by reporting it because it affects the income for the artists and brings down his profile. There's alot of good things my songs are doing in the world, in America and other places but the media don't report those things'. 'My sogs from 30 years ago still get airplay in America and I still get royalties but the media ignores this, It's unfair. Going to rehab is not a crime, they want to spoil my business because when corporte bodies hear things like that they believe I'm on drugs and they won't endorse me, but I'm a believer of Jesus Christ. I didn't go to rehab for drugs I went out of frustration'.

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