Schoolgirl Hangs Herself Inside Her Bedroom After Writing Secret Diary - 4 years ago

Family and friends have been left inconsolable after a very young girl hanged herself inside her bedroom after writing a secret dairy. Charlotte Baron, a schoolgirl who was just 14 years old, was found hanged in her bedroom after she penned a secret diary in which said she was unhappy at being overweight, an inquest heard today. According to The Sun UK, the young girl wrote entries saying she didn’t like the size of her body and said she wished she had died after being admitted to hospital following a drinking bout over the Christmas holidays, the hearing was told. The heartbreaking note – read to the hearing – said: “I almost died – I was so close. I just wanted to forget everything. I just wanted to die. I was so f***ing close why did they have to save me, why, I don’t want to be here. Why won’t they just let me die.” In February last year Charlotte, from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, was found hanged by her 20-year-old brother Tyler. Police discovered she had sent a last text to a friend reading: ”What the f*** is going on with me, I’m such a f***ing wimp.” The hearing in Heywood was told Charlotte who attended St Cuthberts Roman Catholic High School in Rochdale appeared to be a happy girl but she began self harming when she was 12. She was also badly affected by her grandmother being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Charlotte’s mum Veronica Kilbride said: ”I found out that she was self harming at 12. I had seen marks on her arms, and she denied it at first but then eventually admitted it. She was growing at a rapid rate and had body issues like most teenagers do.” The 42-year old mother-of-five added: “’I don’t know how often it happened, but she said it hadn’t been going on that long. I let my mum talk to her because had been a self harmer and Charlotte seemed to get better after that. “We cuddled after because she wasn’t herself and she wasn’t right. I didn’t want to press her too much. “Charlotte was given too much freedom and I let her hang around too much with her friends because she didn’t want to see her grandma deteriorate in the way that she was. ”She was quite a popular girl and socialised as teens do. ‘I thought that the drinking was the type of thing that teenagers do but that was a cry for help and I didn’t see that. “On the day she died it was half term and she was doodling on her books and I thought that she was just having a lazy day. I had seen her laid in bed reading and I assumed she was asleep because she didn’t say anything to me. ”Then Tyler went up to her room and was screaming down to me and my partner. I did CPR on her but she was already gone.” Tyler, 20, said in a statement: ”Charlotte was a happy kid and nothing seemed to be wrong with her. I would hear Charlotte when she was in her room because it was below mine so I could hear her laughing with her friends and listening to her music. ”Charlotte didn’t go round telling everyone about her private life and she was generally a private person. The week she died Charlotte seemed completely normal.” Det Insp Andrew Butterworth told the inquest: ”A black notebook was found entitled ‘drawing diary’ and signed Charlotte Baron. There was a number of drawings in there. The drawing on the first page was a hand with writing outside it. ”The hand had self harm marks in the arms and the words described Charlotte talking about harming herself, and as you go through the book talking about how she doesn’t like the size of her body etc, that she’s overweight and alludes to being depressed and not happy.” The hearing continues. Source: Tori

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