Nigerians Making Unnecessary Noise Over Buhari’s Return Are Jobless Sycophants - 4 years ago

Nigerians have been urged to stop making noise about President Buhari’s return to Nigeria after spending 100 days in London on medical treatment. The General Overseer of Christian Central Chapel International and National Publicity Secretary of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Bishop (Dr) Emma Gospel Isong has blasted political elites and other Nigerians jubilating over the arrival of President Mohammed Buhari after spending over 100 days outside Nigeria for medical treatment. According to him, the return of the President does not call for celebration as he called the act another mere political sychophancy by jobless people. Speaking with Daily Post, he said: “the President has simply returned back. I don’ know why people are making noise about President’s return, to me, it is very primitive and the man is the President of Nigeria, he is back to his job after his medical leave.” He said “We shouldn’t spend one minute discussing anything about this man; he is only back to his job. That is not the first time he had gone out for medical leave. My Prayers is, let no International community listen to us. Father(God) don’t let America, Europe, Germany and many others listen or watch what we are doing here over the return of President Buhari, in Jesus Name, Amen. ”May they not hear that we beat drums and danced just to welcome our President that came back from London for medical treatment. If I was to step out of my house to the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital for medical treatment and when I came back, my children and everyone started queuing up, playing drums to welcome me, no, no no that is not it.” “We do not need pomp and pageantry for a man who we employed in 2015. People should allow Mr President to rest, to focus, there is too much distraction on that man, there is too much political sycophancy, if we don’t have what to do, we should all go out for farm and stop laziness; it is one form of primitiveness and laziness that is affecting us.” “We like making a noise, but not much is done after the noise, nothing, this is not the first time we had changed mantra, we had green revolution mantra, we had operation feed the nation mantra, I don’t get excited, we are going fashionable politically and socially, fashionable without being economically reasonable, we are not translating English to practical approach that can put food on the table of Nigerians.”

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