Let’s Talk! Does Sex On A First Date Make A Lady Cheap? - 4 years ago

In the 21st century where so many things are revolving in unimaginable manners, so many things that were considered illegal are now turning legal and vice versa. One of the trending topics generating arguments is a guy having sex with a lady at the very first day they met. To some, the babe na Olosho joor This might not be true. Some ladies who play hard to get are worse. Sex on a first date by a school of thought makes the girl look cheap or flexible sexually. Another school of thought beliefs sex on a first date doesn’t necessarily mean she is cheap or sexually flexible. On the norm, we have seen some lovers that had sex on their first date ended up as husband and wife. We’ve also seen an instance the ladies who proved hard to get in the first place can’t even maintain a relationship for a year not to talk of leading to Marriage. Apparently, sex on a first date can be caused by series of events, actions, maturity, motive of the date itself between the parties involved. One of such reasons is the MUTUAL FEELING. Psychologically, if both parties are in love or are connected together abstractly by feelings, it is highly possible for them to have sex on their first date. Another reason is a medical term called NYMPHO; medically, it has been proven that a number or percentages of ladies are nymphomaniac i.e. they tend to enjoy sex at anywhere, anytime and with anyone. They are turned on with the slightest move. So personally to them sex on a first date is fun and no string attached. Although, there are many dignity attached to a girl’s personality who doesn’t surrender to the threat of sexual feelings easily but in other way, it does not always define how decent our ladies are. Okay, dear guys, Do you think having sex with a lady means she’s cheap? And our ladies, how do you feel when a guy requests for sex on first date and how do you feel or react before and after the sex? Drop your matured comments below!!!

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