Duterte, Abe condemn Nokor’s nuclear program - 4 years ago

MANILA and Tokyo on Monday night condemned the nuclear activities of North Korea in the Korean Peninsula, urging the hermit kingdom to return to the negotiating table to resolve its virtual standoff with the United States. President Duterte said there is a need for the international community to confront North Korea. “We need to address many issues confronting the region and threats to the stability and security [in the] Asia Pacific,” the President said in a joint news briefing with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Over the past months, North Korea issued warnings of missile launches against the US and its territories, including Guam, which it threatened to strike in August. This prompted US President Donald J. Trump to respond, saying any further aggression from North Korea will be met with “fire and fury.” This developed into North Korea firing a missile that flew over the Japanese town of Hokkaido, thus, earning the ire of Abe. “Foremost among our shared concern are developments in the Korean Peninsula and the continuing missile-launch tests of North Korea,” Duterte reported. To this, the President said there is no other way to achieve peace and order in the region but to open the doors for dialogue. “We condemn these tests and call on all concerned stakeholders to return to the negotiating table to peacefully resolve the situation,” Duterte said. For his part, Abe said Japan will continue to cooperate with Manila in “common issues, such as North Korean nuclear and missile issue.” He also vowed to back Duterte in his measures against illegal drugs, transnational crimes and terrorism. “Inclusive of these issues, we will cooperate to address common issues in the region,” Abe said. “I would like to work hand in hand with my close friend President Duterte to further deepen the bonds of friendship between our two countries, and we’ll cooperate toward peace and prosperity of the region and international community,” the Japanese leader added. The President is presently in Japan for a three-day official visit and is scheduled to return to the Philippines on Wednesday. With the trip, the Chief Executive became the first leader to visit Abe following his landslide victory in the snap elections.

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