A MUST READ – Top Ways To Know If A Man’s Sp3rm Is Rich - 4 years ago

Healthy semen or rich sp3rm is most valuable subject for Men’s Health, healthy semen is a pointer of good s3xual and physical health. However, it is difficult to tell the quality of semen just by looking at it but thankfully, there are sure signs which can help in deciding the nature of your semen; to get strong swimmers without experiencing unnecessary testing. A sculpted midsection: “A man you do not even need a six pack as long as he does not have a pot belly, your sp3rm is healthy; studies showed that excess weight around the stomach can interfere with the release of s3xhormones and the production of sp3rm”. He loves to eat fish: “Fish and omega-3 fatty acids that are found in it are very good for your sperm count and quality, fish helps to keep your semen smooth and increase the motility or swimming speed of your sp3rms”. He does not eat junk food: “Processed meats and junk food damage the quality of a man’s sp3rm as it interferes with the testosterone level and deems the sp3rms unhealthy”. He does not wear tight underwear: “Wearing skin-tight underwear is not good for the skin or for your sp3rm count, tight underwear heats up your scrotum and the rise in temperature kills sp3rms”. Smell: “A chlorine kind of smell is normal for a semen, bad smells are usually signs of infection”. He is not a smoker: “Sorry smokers but your nicotine drags deems your sp3rm unhealthy by the minute, smoking reduces sp3rm count and also affects the DNA that your semen carries”. Exercise: “Not only does exercise help tamp down your weight which can affect reproductive health but it may also increase the expression of antioxidants throughout your body, so regular gym sessions could actually prevent free radicals from damaging sp3rm cells”. You can add yours!!!

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