High school student arrives junior prom in a casket (video/photos) - 4 years ago

Prom is a big deal to the kids in the West but isn't this too much? 17-year-old Megan Flaherty of New Jersey arrived at her prom lying flat in an open coffin to the surprise of many. Megan was driven in a hearse into Pennsauken High School for the junior prom which held on Saturday. On arrival, classmates of Megan were shocked to see the back of the vehicle open and a coffin was brought out with Megan lying flat on her back in it. She was helped out by her date and the hearse driver after which she stood looking self-assured in a navy blue tube dress. In the video of her arrival, Megan stepped out of the coffin and smiled mischievously as other prom goers look on in amazement. She later revealed that she checked with her date to make sure he had no reservations about her plans. The teenager's dramatic arrival prompted outrage from critics who thought her actions were inappropriate. Others accused her of mocking the dead. Following the criticisms she received online, her mother, Susan Armstrong Flaherty, rose to her defence, stating that Megan meant no disrespect and dressed the way she did because she intends to become a funeral director. "This is my daughter....Some agree that it is all in fun.....others don't understand the meaning behind it," Susan explained. " Megan decided about a year ago that this is the profession she will enter into. She has already made her choice of a school. She has already donated her time to helping in funeral services. The hearse driver is her mentor. No disrespect meant....just a celebration of knowing what she wants to do with her life after graduation and of course, celebrating Junior Prom." See the video below. [youtube]bJJTmMWdlg0[/youtube]

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