Five Star Music Signing!! How Has Xbusta Affected The Nigeria Music Industry? - 4 years ago

His lyrically prowess when it comes to lives performance. like rapping with every item he sees on stage and also making praise on himself at same time (which most fans actually dislikes). After signing with Five Star Music in April 2016, the rapper has released a couple of songs [b]CHOM [/b]and [b] RUNS [/b]both of which have had lukewarm reception by the fans. One of his clumsy mistake as a [b]Five Star Music [/b]act was making a cover for [b] Patapaa's [/b]One Corner dance, which gained no recognition and has been listened by just 2% of Nigerians. It is a good thing the[b] Five Star Music[/b] still have [b]Kcee[/b] and [b]Skiibii[/b] on its books because if the label was left it the hands of these new act, there might not have been a [b]Five Star Music [/b]this year.

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