4 Nigerian Female Celebrities That Have Hot Abs (photos) - 4 years ago

Hello, guys, it's your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor A lot of Nigerian female celebrities are fond of putting their bodies on display either to gain media attention or just to show off. Bikini pics, gym pics and for some bedroom pics tend to send the message to the audience. They show off the hardwork and dedication they have put into their bodies which leave most ladies with envy and the men salivating. I, myself have learned a thing or two from Kate Henshaw, but sorry she is not going to be on this list. Here are 4 Nigerian Female Celebrities That Have Hot Abs [b]1. Rita Dominic[/b] Nollywood actress Rita Dominic joined the list celebrities when she began endorsing products for fitness company Flat Tummy Tea. Her photos which were posted online showed a lady who has really worked hard to look good and yes she really looked good. Rita sets the pace for other Nigerian female celebrities when it comes to looking good. It's okay to be jealous, even your favorite health blogger can't compete with that. [b]2. Ebube Nwagbo[/b] Nwagbo comes in second and she is another product of Flat Tummy Tea, these ladies claim that the products work perfectly and flaunt their bodies to prove it. With that mirror selfie, you can tell that she knows what she is talking about. Copyright: Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor (realfitbody.com) [b]3. Sarah Ofili[/b] Sarah Ofili the former fiancee of rapper Ikechukwu, knows how to grab our attention with that well-toned body. She is in near perfect shape, with everything just in the right place. [b]4. Maheeda[/b] Maheeda has long been a s€xual figure in the entertainment industry releasing raunchy photos to keep her fans glued to her and to gain mainstream attention. Well, she is one of the hottest female celebrities in the entertainment industry and most people already know why. So there you have it. You can feast your eyes on their bodies and wish you look just as good or you can visit my blog by 7am everyday, I start posting new articles by then and one of them might be just what you need.

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