Davido Manages To Top 'If' & 'Fall' With Incredible New Single, 'Fia' - 4 years ago

While we can all agree that this has been Davido's year – we even predicted him walking away with the 'Artiste of the Year' award at the upcoming Headies – we never imagined he'd be able to top his hit 2017 singles, "Fall", "Pere" and the juggernaut that was "If". Well, we were clearly wrong to ever doubt him. With his incredible new single, "Fia", Davido surpasses all those songs, both lyrically and vocally, proving he is one of the best and most consistent Nigerian artists this year. (Photo: Davido/Vevo) Produced by Fresh, who does an outstanding job, "Fia" is the rare Davido song that you like on the first listen – no need to wait for it to grow on you while drunk in a club. The track also makes great use of Davido's croaky voice, which he is usually teased for. It's also Davido's most coherent song since "Aye". While "Fall" was mocked for its simplistic lyrics – "Money fall on you/ Prada fall on you/ Banana fall on you" – "Fia" actually finds Davido successfully navigating a single message: don't be a fool for love. Now, with the back-to-back brilliance of "If", "Fall", "Pere" and now "Fia", it seems like Davido's sophomore album is set to be a massive improvement on his commercially successful but critically panned debut album, Omo Baba Olowo. Consider us officially hyped! Listen to "Fia" below: [youtube]yBG4CSDVKeU[/youtube]

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