“Why My Skin Colour Doesn’t Get Me Acting Roles”, Adunni Ade Reveals - 4 years ago

Nollywood actress, Adunni Ade has revealed in a recent interview that she would love to change people’s misconception about her skin colour. According to her, many people believe her skin colour gets her acting role. She revealed this is not true. She further added that in fact, she sometimes gets dropped because of her skin colour. She however, revealed she gets acting roles because the producer knows she will deliver on the character. She said, [quote] “Let me quickly address the first part of your question. Contrary to the popular belief, the fact that I am “light-skinned” has not necessarily been a blessing in getting acting roles for me. In fact, I have been dropped from a few sets on the basis of my skin-colour. So it is not accurate to say producers cast me for being light-skinned. Now, for being beautiful, I am grateful to God for giving me a modestly appealing appearance, but all the jobs I have had have been on the premise that the producers or directors thought I could deliver on the character they wanted to project and I am glad I have been able to live up to the confidence reposed in me on the many projects I have worked on. Now, if it gets to my head that I am charming, I have been this way all my life; so I have no reason whatsoever to change my personality or relations with people. I am still the same happy-go-lucky girl that will park her car and discuss with street hawkers and buy roasted plantain when I feel like.” [/quote]

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