WATER BOTTLE TRICK!! See The Trick Ronaldinho Used In Killing His Opponent During A Football Match (Video) - 4 years ago

This got me laughing out loud when I saw the Video online 😂😂 Ronaldinho na criminal I swear – Make sense sha! While the ball goes out for a throw-in halfway up the pitch, the Brazilian player appears at first to be moving into position. He then strolls over to the Sao Paulo goalkeeper Rogério Ceni and asks to use his water bottle, unnoticed by the defensive players. Instead of running back up the pitch after his drink, he stays close to the goal completely unmarked. He is in the perfect position to receive the long- throw in which comes from his Atletico Mineiro team-mate Ronaldinho swiftly crosses the ball to Jô who taps it into the net. Watch the Video below:- [youtube]81LScBn_PiA[/youtube]

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