5 Steps How You Can Promote Your Business On Snapchat - 4 years ago

So the question is, why Snapchat? Unknown to most people, Snapchat currently has hundred million active daily users who watch seven billion videos per day and share nearly nine thousand photos every second. Thus making it a perfect platform to reach an unimaginable number of new audience. 1. Develop content The importance of developing content on Snapchat cannot be overemphasized. And you can do this by creating valuable tutorials on any subject in your field of expertise. Let’s assume you’re specialized in catering, for example, you can show users how to make/prepare something by giving them a show of “How to.” Additionally, you can give them the opportunity to see how you make your own products as well. You can also upload videos of major events where your food was the most interesting thing about the event. And if you are an event planner, a video or pictures of one or two successful functions organized by you will do just fine. 2. Build a relationship with your followers Yes, the idea is to promote your business but you must understand that people tend to think more about themselves than any other thing. So always say something that will interest your followers. Don’t be all about you, you and you. This is how you can build a relationship with them, and only when you’ve succeeded in doing this will they start showing interest in your business 3. Engage your followers with contest When you’ve succeeded in building that needed relationship with your followers, engage them in organizing a contest. This competition should be carried out in such a way that you invite your followers to send you snaps of themselves using your product, visiting your store, recommending your products or even briefly explaining why they love your brand so much. And in other to get them involve, prizes should be offered. You can offer something small like a coupon to get 20% off their next purchase. 4. Go behind the scene There’s something fascinating about behind the scene, it births curiosity and compels attention at the same time. Arouse in your fans that curiosity by inviting them to take a quick look into your warehouse or shipping room. A look behind the scenes of your office party is also good. However, you should bear in mind that where you choose doesn’t really matter as the purpose of this content is to give your followers a sense of belonging by connecting them with you and your product. 5. Your follower count, counts Increasing your follower count is very important; because as the number of your followers increases, the more chances you have to expand the outreach of your business. And in other to do this, you must find a way to constantly create compelling content. Source for great stories to tell. Break news if need be. In fact, there’s nothing wrong if you become a sort of blogger just for the purpose attracting more followers. And when the numbers start increasing, remember to build a relationship with the newcomers as well as engaging them.

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