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Sponsored Content, I guess you guys would like it so I posted it. [b] How To Make A Girl Laugh [/b] It is evident that a perfect sense of humor is the best way to make people like you. Making a girl laugh, you automatically become more attractive, confident. One of the best ways to enchant and chum any female up. What is more, humor usually makes all the tension typical for the first stage of relations vanish in a second. Such an ordinary type of an icebreaker. A lot of us know that humor is rather important while texting. No wonder we always ask friends what to text a girl to make her laugh. Can you believe that laugh may become the basis for any kind of relationships with a woman? That is why if you want to impress your date and still wonder what to do, go ahead and read the following pieces of advice and jokes from [b][url=]YES[/url][/b] to make a girl laugh. [b]1. Try to look at things optimistically[/b] The positive approach tunes up your mind in a right way. In such a state, you don’t have to make additional efforts to make a joke, be funny and relaxed. By the way, in most cases such an optimistic wave will only add to the effect of any joke. Or, who knows, maybe seeing everything from the bright side will be just enough. Imagine you spilt wine on your white shirt. What we suggest you to say is, “A sign that I definitely need something brighter and fresh”. Add a smiling face and the woman will look at you in a different way. [b]2. Develop your joke-making trait [/b] Some people are blessed to receive sense of humor from nature. How about the others less lucky? Well, you are to work on it. Try to watch more comedies, subscribe on funny bloggers on You Tube or profiles on Instagram. Learn the ways they make fun of things like how to make a girl laugh over text and imply these in your life. For example, you saw a big dog dragging a girl. The funny way to make a remark would be to say, “It seems like the dog walks the girl, not vice versa.” Such phrases would make women at least smile. Try to make more and more jokes every day. The rule practice makes perfect works all the time. [b]3. Be natural [/b] Never force yourself to become a comic and laugh every minute. It would be rather scary than amusing. At first, your jokes may be a bit rare or boring. However, the more you practice the more confident and swag you will look. Do not forget about the body language as well. We always move hands, make gestures, have a different look on the face. So stop looking for “how to make a girl laugh over text” on the net and be yourself. [b]4. Let yourself fail[/b] Very often, what makes us refuse from even the funniest joke is the fear nobody would laugh. It happens. And it can happen again after each joke. However, who cares? You will at least fill in the silence. Words are just words. In the opposite way, you will cheer up everyone. Isn’t it worth it? Having failed, never make a face you’re depressed or sad. Try not to react and keep your feelings inside, allowing the conversation to go on and looking for the next suitable moment. In case of such an awkward situation, you can also begin a new story or topic out of the sentence-joke. [b]5. Avoid sarcasm on the date and unsuitable jokes [/b] Googling “how to make a girl laugh” you can come across risky variants.Too offensive joke (like about her weight or age which are very sensitive topics for women) is so dangerous. It can alienate a poor girl or make the atmosphere uncomfortable and tense. Be careful with black humor as well. You must like jokes that will make a girl laugh and be sure about them. So leave cemeteries, graves, deaths, ethnicities and religious stuff at home and go on a date positively tuned. [i] Moving in together moving in together when to move in together should we move in together moving in together before marriage how long should you date before moving in together [/i]

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