Are We Meant to Meet the People We Meet? - 4 years ago

Are we destined to meet the people we meet? Yes. I know we are. Every person we meet, we are meant to meet. No matter how long they stay in our lives. Every person has something to teach us. Whether they stay for an hour, a day, or 10 years, they are there for the right amount of time. That amount of time is simply how long it takes you to learn the soul lesson. There are 6 billion people in this world, nothing is an accident. If the experience seems negative, and this certain person really irritates you, or you feel like you cannot connect to someone, that experience presents itself in your journey to give you an opportunity to learn patience, understanding, or perhaps empathy. It gives you an opportunity to see yourself even in someone your ego categorizes as different, less than, or not good. The people we meet who seem special, with whom we connect instantaneously… they enter into our journey to show us we are on the right path. To show that we are creating a path for ourselves that is true to our being, to our soul, to our creativity… and connecting to people at higher levels proves this. If you emit that truthful, soul-driven energy, you will receive those experiences in return. Tenfold. So raise your vibration, be you, and see what you attract! If you believe that there is meaning behind every interaction in your life, then you will always be kind, patient, loving, and be free of attachment. Trust that the universe has your best interest in mind, and it will. We are all the same, truly, at the very core of our being. We are energies, meshing and flowing, and changing continuously. We are all in different places in our journeys. The soul’s journey is more than just this lifetime… so let’s all love and let go of judgment. Everything is everything.

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