Arsene Wenger Hits Back At Jose Mourinho’s Dig After Emirates Victory - 4 years ago

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has hit back at Jose Mourinho’s claims that he puts too much pressure on fourth officials during games. Manchester United fell to a dismay defeat in the hands of the Gunners last Sunday at the Emirates to continue their push for top four finish in the Premier League. After the game, Mourinho could not help but take a dig at his long-term foe, by claiming that he puts fourth officials under pressure, he said: ‘During the game I didn’t like what I never like… he puts too much pressure on the fourth official all the time,’ But the Gunners boss has hit back at the claims, by saying: ‘Honestly, I didn’t feel that i didn’t put pressure in fourth official,’ ‘It’s true i went to see him once or twice during the game but it was amicable. ‘I don’t think I went overboard, no. ‘You should ask the fourth official if he had a problem.’ Arsene Wenger also took time to dismiss speculation that the club was weighing the option of appoint a director of football in order to steer the club back to its glory days, the Frenchman said: ‘No, director of football – I don’t even know what it means. ‘Is he someone who stands in middle of the road and directs the players to the left or to the right? ‘Look I am not prepared to talk about that. As long as I am manager I will decide what happens on the technical front.’

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