Liverpool v Manchester City: Pep Guardiola's side's struggles perfectly explained by this statistic - 3 years ago

Liverpool's defeat of Manchester City on Wednesday was shocking for many reasons. Pep Guardiola's side failed to score a goal, which seems shocking given their brilliant attack; they failed to control the game despite dominating possession, which seems shocking seeing as their entire game plan is built around overawing the opposition with the ball. Even the fact City went behind to a 3-0 score line was shocking, considering it is the first time it has happened since they played Everton at Goodison Park all the way back in January 2017. But the most shocking statistic of all is the fact City failed to record a single shot on target against Liverpool, with the only work Loris Karius in the Reds' goal having to do coming in the form of catching hopeful deliveries into the area. This same attacking failure has not afflicted City since they were defeated by Manchester United in the EFL Cup in October 2016... an incredible 525 days ago! To make that easier to understand, every City game for the last year, five months and nine days has seen Guardiola's side test the opposition goalkeeper. Every game, that is, until they came up against a team who are generally considered to have a woeful excuse of a defence. City can still book their places in the Champions League semi-finals, as they only have to better Liverpool's result tonight when the two sides meet at the Etihad next week. But to do that, Guardiola should tell his players they may actually want to shoot at Liverpool's goal. They'll find it quite hard to score, otherwise.

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