Photos of the Italian Husband who killed his Nigerian singer wife and her 4-year-old daughter in Ikoyi Lagos - 3 years ago

Moments ago, we brought you reports about the death of a fast rising Nigerian Artiste, Ali Zainab Nielsen, also known as Alizee.. Apparently, she was allegedly murdered this morning in cold blood by her Italian husband, alongside her 4-year-old daughter, Petra Nielsen. [center][img alt=Zee]">[/center] Below are photos of her corpse, as well as photos with her Italian husband. [center][img alt="Italian 0"]">[/center] [center][img alt="Italian 02"]">[/center] [center][img alt="Italian 01"]">[/center] According to reports, the husband killed both his wife and daughter at their home, in Ocean Parade, Banana Island, Ikoyi Lagos.

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