Meet Nigerian Transgender, Veso Golden Oke.. He is taking drugs to grow breasts, shrunk his manhood (photos) - 3 years ago

Here's another Transgender, identified as Veso Golden Oke, who lives in Ghana. Veso is a hairstylist, a makeup artiste and an event planner. Veso used to be a man where he was known as Messiah Oke Veso. Apparently, he was born to a Nigerian father and a Ghanaian mother, into an Anglican family. [center][img alt="Veso 02"]">[/center] He left Nigeria in 2014, then transformed into a transgender. He changed his identity, as says he now wants to be known as Veso Golden Oke. Talking about her transition into a transgender in a new interview, Veso Golden refuses to accept he was born a male. According to him, he was born as a young child with male genitals and the doctor announced to her mother that she was male. But growing up, she realized she wasn't fitting into the body she had and it was traumatizing. Until she discovered transitioning through an ex-girlfriend she was dating at the time. Golden Veso also said she had dated girls before becoming a transgender because she thought using her penis, having sex with different girls will kill the feminine side of him. 'Unfortunately', it never worked. [center][img alt="Veso 01"]">[/center] Golden Veso hasn't undergone surgery to remove her penis yet but she hopes to do that in the future and real soon. In the meantime, she takes hormonal pills to naturally grow boobs just as women, grow hips, grow butts, get slimmer stomach and waistline. She's also taken testosterone blockers that shrink her penis. When asked if she has a boyfriend, Golden Veso said she's single at the moment but looks forward to having one in the future. She also stated that she's not gay and has never been gay, despite the fact that she's drawn to men! Veso also says since she started her hormonal pills, she gets sexual urges like women do and reaches orgasms like women do. She no longer gets penile erections like men. [center][img alt="Veso 010"]">[/center] When asked how supportive her family was and has been through her transitioning process, Veso Golden said her family has been supportive. In fact, Veso Golden fled Nigeria to Ghana on his mother's advice and total support to prevent harrassment and the 14 year jail term after former president Goodluck Jonathan signed the Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Bill (SSMPA) into law in 2014. More pictures of Veso Golden below and her interview where she talked about her transgender journey, challenges and life as a Nigerian trans woman in Nigeria, Ghana and Africa. [center][img alt="Veso 014"]">[/center] [center][img alt="Veso 013"]">[/center] [center][img alt="Veso 012"]">[/center] [center][img alt="Veso 011"]">[/center] [center][img alt="Veso 010"]">[/center] [center][img alt="Veso 09"]">[/center] [center][img alt="Veso 08"]">[/center] [center][img alt="Veso 07"]">[/center] [center][img alt="Veso 06"]">[/center] [center][img alt="Veso 05"]">[/center] [center][img alt="Veso 04"]">[/center] [center][img alt="Veso 03"]">[/center] Additional source: LailasNews

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