Couple Married For 60 Years Die 90 Minutes Apart While Holding Hands Together {Photos} - 4 years ago

A married couple who spent the last 62 years of their lives together held hands as they died about an hour apart from each other. Holding hands on their deathbeds — the loving gesture that kicked off Tom and Delma Ledbetter's relationship all those years ago — was a fitting way to mark the last thing the couple would ever do together on this earth. 'It was exactly how they wanted to go. It couldn't have been any better,' their daughter Donetta Nichols told Click 2 Houston. The Lake Jackson, Texas couple died in hospice on April 21, with less than an hour and a half separating their passing. Tom was 84 years old and Delma was 82 years old. Nichols, one of the Ledbetter's two daughters, said that her parents met when they were in their early 20s, after being introduced by mutual friends while living in Florida. The couple had two daughters. Over the years, their family expanded to include seven grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

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