‘I Will Not Cry If My Mother Dies’ – Young Girl Declares On Twitter (Her Reason Will Shock You) - 3 years ago

A young lady has taken to social media to talk about why she will not cry if her mother happens to pass away. A young South African lady took to her twitter handle, @bridgetbsk, to narrate the ordeals she allegedly suffered from her mother. She said the battery was such that if her mum dies, she is unlikely to grieve. She narrated how her mother physically abused her since she was a child and how she was terrified and scared throughout her childhood. “My mother abused me physically, she would beat me up like she was fighting an adult. “I remember this one time she was kicking me on my abdomen because I lost a R100 (less than eight dollars), that day I started menstruating,” she said. I personally don’t think I would cry if my mother dies”

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