“If Elected As President, My Cabal Will Be The Largest In Nigeria” – Fela Durotoye - 3 years ago

Fela Durotoye, a 2019 presidential aspirant and the CEO of Gemstone Group says if elected, he will have the largest cabal in the history of the country. The cabal he said would not be made up of few individuals but the entire 180 million Nigerians. He said this while addressing the audience at The Platform on Tuesday, May 1, 2018. The Platform is an annual politics and governance forum organised by Covenant Christian Centre, Lagos. He stated that he is contesting for the country’s top post as past leaders have failed to run the nation with vision. He said the person needed by Nigeria as its President must be a nation builder. Durotoye blamed the problems of Nigeria on poor leadership and followership as well as erosion of the country’s values. He stated that as the country was losing its values, it started losing businesses which also affected the country’s currency. “Very soon, the old generations would be no more and the problems might still be here. So this generation of Nigerians should strive to be a great generation. “While you may not be able to change your past, your future has no right to catch you by surprise. “A great generation is a generation that solves problems not the one that transfers burden to the next generation. A great generation is a generation that acts and the one that passes problem solving techniques to the next one,” he said. Durotoye said the change that everyone desired was possible if everyone got involved in achieving it. “You were born in Nigeria to fix Nigeria. People are planted in a nation to build, guide and to produce a better version of the nation they were born in when their children are born” He therefore urged Nigerians to participate in the electoral process by voting and engaging people in government. He stated that he is currently spearheading a movement asking Nigerian ladies not to accept advances from men unless they have their Permanent Voters’ Cards (PVC). According to him, married people should also not make love with their spouses if they do not have their PVCs. He said PVC to him is not only a card but a ‘Power to Vote your Choice”. “On the 29th of May, I will have the privilege of addressing the world and shaping a new vision for Nigeria. And not only will I shape that future for Nigeria, I’m going to also present to you a road map by which Nigeria can get to that vision,” he said.

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