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GC Posted On: May 04, 2018

I need advice/help for my very close female friend. Naturally she is a very intelligent girl and also very beautiful.

There is this young lecturer in her department that has been disturbing her since her 200 level days. the guy said he wants to marry her but she refused.

The guy kept on disturbing her and she still refused. Then in her 300 level the lecturer was assigned to take she and her mates three second semester courses and that’s where her problems started.

This is a girl that since her 100 level maintain As and Bs and rarely C. This week monday her 300level results came out, only for her to get the shocker of her life.

The lecturer had given her carryovers in the three courses (3 units each) and she has been crying since that monday. she has already met her course adviser and she said she can’t do anything as the results are already out.

Then on Tuesday again while she was writing exams for another departmental course. the same lecturer was supervising.

Then he came and claimed he saw her talking with somebody a seized her script. she started crying and asked the lecturer why he is treating her this way but he simply told her, she has not seen anything. and he didn’t give her back again.

Then today been Thursday (yesterday) while writing exams again the said man was supervising again. so he came and changed her sitting position to the front.

Seeing she didn’t say anything. he then came to her the second time, asking if she has paid her school fees. she said yes and then he brought a register and started checking if she has paid (he stopped her writing all these while)when she showed him her name in the register he allowed her to continue writing.

Later, he came back the third time and started checking her scripts. he then said the handwriting in the script were not hers and collected her script.

she called me around 5p.m today and has been crying ever since. i have tried everything to make her stop crying but she won’t.

she said her course that will normally take her only 5 years to finish. but, with the three carryovers they man gave her will now be 6years to complete.

The said school is a federal university in the east.Ii would have revealed more information but i don’t know who is reading.

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