Kwara State Polytechnic Medical Hospital Kills Young Man - 3 years ago

We received the a mail from a concerned student about the bad state of the Kwara state polytechnic clinic, which led to the death of one of their students. Read message below:- Enough is Enough It is high time we stood up against our medical attendants in our prestigious institution kwara state polytechnic as their lackadaisical attitudes has cost us yet the life of a lovely student again. Yes, we know death is inevitable and cannot be averted by human as it is the will of God but nevertheless can we also sideline the nonchalant behaviors of the school’s medical team who neglected their duty for personal/unreasonable reasons which led to the death of our belove colleague. We hereby oblige the school management for total removal of the Doctor who cherished his birthday party above the life of a patient and all medical attendants who were at duty during the course of this sadden event and absolute stability of the school’s medical centre with proper facilities along with good medications. Rest in peace Olubode Olaleka Math and Sta HND 1 May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace(Amin)

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