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GC Posted On: Mar 16, 2019

There is this 11-year-old girl identified as Miss Mmeyene-Abasi, who is not only blind but crippled too in Akwa Ibom.

According to a Facebook user Benjamin Omini Itu, who took it upon himself to intervene over in situation, is calling Nigerians to join him take care of this little girl.

While sharing photos of the 11-year-old girl, Omini , wrote;

“When I got the call today about Miss MmeyeneAbasi Meaning (meaning I HAVE GOD), I knew I had to wrap up my business for the day and answer the CALL OF DESTINY.

“MmeyeneAbasi is 11yrs old abandoned girl child whose mother felt she was not worth love, care and a proper home.

“When I met her I had to fight off her only companions ;FLIES who feed off her hungry body because they find on her dirt and feaces since she SHITS ON HERSELF without the help of a wipe or wiper.

“She was dumped on her partially blind grandmother when the compound had gone on a Sunday.

“It takes her hours to do what it takes a 2yrs old child minutes to do.

“While trying to.bath her today I felt she needed FUMIGATION.

“She is covered in dirt and is gravely sick as you can see from her body.Am taking the next 3 days off work until I find her help not just Medicaid but also hygiene.

“Share until we have reached the people whose heart God will touch to HOLD MY HAND and help this innocent child.It was not her fault to be conceived.It was not her fault to survive evacuation.It was not her fault to be born.It should not be her fault to be loved and cared for.”

“Thank you friends.”

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