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Airtel is at it again. You can now enjoy double data plan on Airtel Nigeria's network, just like the MTN Double data bonus. This is what i call value for money data. And i know it's going to interest you. One problem about Airtel's offers is that, not all customers are eligible for their offers. They consider some things which is best known to them. So, you just have to try and see if your Airtel sim is eligible for this offer. Airtel Double data plan offers you [b]3GB for N1000, 6GB for N1,500, 7GB for N2000 and 18GB for N4000[/b] whenever you purchase any of the existing data plans but you have to be eligible for it. [b]HOW TO CONFIRM IF YOUR AIRTEL SIM IS ELIGIBLE FOR THIS OFFER[/b] I will be giving you two ways to confirm if truly your sim is eligible. First is by trying to subscribe to any of the plans with an empty balance, and lastly is by receiving an official sms from Airtel regarding the offer. [b]To be eligible[/b], Airtel will send an sms to you notifying you of the particular offer available for you. Below are some of the messages that confirms you are qualified for it. [quote] FREE 3GB Data for you today! Pay N1500 to get 6GB valid for 30 days. Dial *440*161# NOW to activate. Offer available EVERYDAY for 6months.[/quote] [quote]FREE 3.5GB for you! Pay N2000 and get 7GB valid for 30 days.Dial *437*2# NOW to activate. Offer available EVERYDAY for 6months[/quote] [b][u]HOW TO SUBSCRIBE FOR ANY AIRTEL DOUBLE DATA PLAN[/u][/b] >> Dial [b]*496#[/b] to get [b]3GB for N1,000[/b] >> Dial [b]*440*161#[/b] to get [b]6GB for N1,500[/b] >> Dial [b]*437#[/b] to get [b]7GB for N2,000[/b] >> Dial [b]*438*1#[/b] to get [b]18GB for N4,000[/b] All above data plans are valid for 30 days (1 month), and once you activated any plan above, you will continue enjoying it for the next 6 months, just like MTN double data offer. [b]TIP:[/b] On the offchance you didn't receive any text from Airtel regarding this offer, you can try subscribing to any of the plans above by dialing any of the codes with an empty balance or amount that is not up to the subscription fee. If you are lucky enough and get a response saying "[i]You have insufficient balance to subscribe for this plan[/i]"; then, you are eligible for that particular plan. You can go ahead and load the required amount for that plan. I guess Airtel was inspired by MTN by launching this offer lol. It's really a good one though. It's time to get more value for your money on data. As we all know that Airtel has a pretty good network coverage in almost all locations in Nigeria. If you are not eligible for this offer, even after trying out my tip, then, this offer is probably not for you. Though, you can still try with another Airtel sim, if need be. Please guys, appreciate me by just clicking the Share buttons below, so your friends on Socials can be informed as well. And don't forget to leave a comment below if you were eligible or not.

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